Does Essay Have A Title?

Before you write your essay, one thing should come to your mind. That thing is an essay title. Titling your essay gives the reader an easy time in knowing what to expect in your entire essay.

Before you do anything on your essay, you must have a clear path on what is expected of you by your professor or course instructor. In most occasions, the instructors often encourage students to confirm with them on the best topics to write about.

Think of an essay title as a starting point of your writing. Let us say we want to write about Coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on citizens. I would reframe my essay title to read something like this: How Covid19 Pandemic lead to job loss in America.

You need to understand that an essay title is not merely keyword combined together. It needs to display your creativity and amount of time spent to come up with the title. As such, you need to choose a title that you are passionate about and that which you will spend your entire time writing on.

Unless given one essay title to write about, you can always come up with your own essay title. As a student, you do not need to copy your classmate's essay title to be on top of your class. All you need is to brainstorm and come up with something you are passionate about.

Here is what you need to do to write an A plus essay title.

  1. Write a catchy title.

catchy essay title

One thing you want to do is to write a title that hooks your reader immediately. For one to be interested in reading your essay, they need to be motivated by your title. An essay with boring title will not bring the much needed eager to your readers. This is your chance to entice the reader to look into your essay topic.

Let us look at these two essay titles:

a. How Coronavirus and job loss.

b. 50 Million jobless people worldwide, thanks to Coronavirus.

The second title grabs the reader's attention. As a reader I would want to know more about the 50 million jobless population worldwide. I would, therefore, be encouraged to read what you have written about this topic.

Think of your essay title as an enticement tool. If you go to any restaurant, you would realize that a lot of things contribute towards your chosen meal for the day. For example, the waitress appearance, cleanliness of the place, and the manner in which food are displayed. Your essay title plays the same role by functioning as a food package.

2. Make it Simple, avoid complex sentences.

An essay title should not have complex sentences because they can ruin your essay altogether. We need you to use short and concise sentence as title to sum up everything going on in your essay. One common mistake often committed by students is use of complex sentences. Do not overthink about your essay title.

3. Capitalize major words with exceptions to pronouns, articles, conjunctions and prepositions.

writing essay

Here is a good example of what I mean by capitalizing your titles with exceptions:

"Deforestation and Its Contributions to Biodiversity Loss". This essay title capitalizes major words with exceptions to pronouns such as "its", and conjunctions such as "and". You need to pay close attention to the capitalization whenever you write your essays.

4. Use your thesis statement.

Your thesis statement is a one sentence statement that tells us your point of view on a topic. It is often situated at the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. You can always rephrase your thesis statement and use it as a title.

5. Stop relying on thousands of tips offered our there.

As a student, one thing you need to avoid several tips with no exact precision on how to write an essay title. Instead, you should focus on how to practically write the title down. An essay title does not require overthinking or cramming of millions of steps. You need to sit down and write it.

There is no wrong title so long as it is precise, concise and catchy. As such, you should not be worried a lot with the essay title because the moment you do, you will not pay close attention to the essay itself.

Do you have a challenge in coming up with your own essay title? Please, consider below examples to give you a rough idea of what you need to do. We have compiled catchy, concise and suitable examples of essay topics for you.

Examples of Argumentative Essay Titles

  • No Civilian Should Own a gun in the United States.

  • Teachers Should Not Give Homework.

  • The Smoking Age Should be Uplifted to 28 years.

  • All colleges should have online learning programs.

  • The Drinking Age should be Higher

  • The Electoral College Should be Abolished.

  • Learning in Schools Should be Competency Based.

  • Bars Should be Banned in Colleges.

Examples of Persuasive Essay Titles