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Essential Tips for Writing A Very Good Scholarship Essay.

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

student writing scholarship essay

Securing a scholarship opportunity is one of the many limited opportunities students are looking for. So, we all have to agree at the start, that you are not the only person applying for that scholarship opportunity. The question is; how do you write a superb scholarship essay that will automatically impress the scholarship committee.

Stay glued to this page, and thank us latter!

First of all, who writes a scholarship essay ,and what is it ?

The chances are that you scored highly in your exams and you want to continue with your studies abroad or within the current country of residence.

So, you are thinking of the way forward. Apart from the college admission essays and other applications -such as the campus applications and financial aids applications- , chances are that you will be required to write a scholarship essay.

The scholarship committee wants to know you better. They necessarily want to know why you should be offered the scholarship chance. Can you convince them that you are one of the students they are looking for and that you are ready to study and make maximum use of the scholarship opportunity they intend to offer you?

These are some of the things you must start thinking about before you start writing that scholarship essay.

So, in the simplest terms possible, the scholarship essay is a kind of an essay written by someone who seeks a scholarship opportunity. The applicant ,through the essay, is required to tell the scholarship committee more about him/herself.

How do you prepare for and start the scholarship essay?

You will be required to use 600 words or less to tell how you are the best fit for the scholarship opportunity. So, be keen before you start that essay. Here are some of the ways in which you can prepare and write that scholarship essay;-

1. Read the Institutions carefully

You are first required to read all the instructions before you start your writing process. This is one of the trap-zones for many students. The majority do not read the instructions carefully. What happens next? They end up writing a scholarship essay that cannot guarantee them the opportunity.

The scholarship committee uses this trick to choose the best students and set aside those who could not read the instructions. So, you must be careful when it comes to reading the instructions provided.

I'll give you a good example;

Let's say that within the institutions, a student is required to write not less than 600 words . So, here we have two students;

Student A wrote an essay of 520 words while Student B wrote an essay of 608 words. Who between the two followed the instructions?

Obviously, student A did not follow the instructions given, so what happens? His application will be set aside, and student B has higher chances of being considered.

So, the instructions stated that you must write not less than 600 words . This ,therefore, means that your scholarship essay can either be 600 words exactly or more. That's how important instructions are .

2.Capture the reader's attention

As I had said, very many students are busy applying for that scholarship opportunity, That means, therefore, means that the scholarship committee will receive thousands if not hundreds of scholarship essays from them.

Now, what makes you different? How do you capture a reader and persuade him/her that your essay is worth reading? It is important for him to read your essay because if he/she doesn't, then am sorry, you might be knocked out of the scholarship opportunity.

It's a competition, and the best people are chosen. Remember, you are not there physically to convince them. So ,it is your essay that will give you the upper hand or not. It is the same scholarship essay that will speak on your behalf.

How do you capture the reader's attention then?

The introduction section must be a good one if not attractive. You must start that essay with not only strong but also captivate introduction. Wherever we -the Preeminent Academic Writers- write help the students with writing their scholarship essay, this is the first thing we put in front.

That's because it is necessary to do so. I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about;

We have two students ;-

Student A writes; Passion and hard work are the best skills students should aim at.

Student B writes; In 2016, I scored the highest in the regional exam despite the fact that I lost everything.

So, as you can see, we have two students here. The first example is a general one. The student has used a vague sentence. That means it is general or common knowledge. One the other hand, student B has used personal experience and is more open

There are higher chances for a reader to continent reading the student B's essay. Why? Simply because the student is saying something captivating. He/she is personal and wants the reader to know more about him /her. So, the reader would want to know what happened to this student.

Yes, he/she has stated that he scored well on the regional exam, but how did he/she loose everything? What happened ? Can he/she say something about all these? If you are the second Student ,then congratulations! Your essay is captivative, and a reader would want to know more about you.

After all, what was the purpose of this essay? Wasn't it written to grab the attention and convey the message? Let's proceed to the next tip.

3. Use the correct grammar and punctuation.

I want this to sink in, grammar and punctuation are crucial when it comes to this kind of an essay. The scholarship essay wants to test your knowledge and writing capabilities. So, with bad grammar and punctuation all over your essay, I am sorry to inform you that the scholarship committee might have a second thought.

Let's all face it; these readers received several essays at ones. The application is made by students from different parts of the country if not the continents. So, as they read these essays, they separate them based on a number of things.

Grammar and punctuation are among the things they look for. So, if your essay has correct grammar and punctuation, then you have the upper hand.

But wait, what should you do if you are not confident with your grammar and punctuation? This is the advice; Contact the Preeminent Academic Writers to write that scholarship essay for you. It is worth it ,and you'll agree with me on that.

This essay will determine whether you get accepted for the scholarship opportunity or not. So, why would you gamble with the crucial opportunity? Let the experts work on it ,and get accepted quickly !

4. Stay focused and let your point stand out

So, I had talked about being keen. Also, you must be focused throughout the writing process. You must have the key points that you want to convey. They must be solid points that are identifiable.

Be sure to have paragraphs that contain points. It's not just writing for the sake. Remember, you had grabbed the attention of your reader at the start of the essay.

You, therefore, need to maintain that momentum and get yourself accepted. The best scholarship essays are normally consistent, and the main points are identifiable.

Let's say you want to tell the reader how you demonstrated persistence through your studies. All you need to do is to make it stand out. The reader wants you to hit that nail on the head. Tell him/her how you did it.

No meandering or long stories, tell how you did it in a few sentences. In that way, your message will reach quickly. The scholarship committee does not have more time, so you must be straight to the point.

5. State your accomplishment in a bragging manner.

Let this also sink in your mind; all your accomplishments must be written in a bragging manner. You must tell the reader that you are the top in whatever you do.

For instance, if you are the best or among the best in your country or school, then can find a suitable way to convey that message.

You can say; Being the best among the top brains in country X was not possible. Were it not for my exemplary dedication and incomparable sense of hard work; I couldn’t even reach half the score I obtained.

Be happy with what you got, and show the reader that even if you are writing that scholarship essay, you have confidence, and you exactly know your capabilities, the accomplishments, and the hard instances you survived to reach where you are now.

6. Have more precise & interesting conclusion.

The point is, you are not required to restate or rephrase what you had talked about in your scholarship essay. The main purpose of your conclusion is to close everything and tell the reader what next. Yes, you had told us all those things in your essay, so what?

The conclusion should be more precise and tell the reader what you want in the end. Yes, it is true that you had stated your accomplishments, convinced the reader in all manner of ways, but now what next?

Tell the reader what you expect from them, how the scholarship is essential to you and most important, how you cant wait to receive approval from them. It's that straightforward.

To sum it all

Scholarship essay is very important, and it determines whether you'll get accepted for the scholarship opportunity or not. So, you must write it well in order to get the chance.

If you are not confident with yourself, and you want an expert to write for you a winning scholarship essay, then do not hesitate to get your quality scholarship essay from Preeminent Academic Writers.


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