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Features of A Good Research Proposal For Your Masters Dissertation.

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Writing a good research proposal is one of the key steps towards creating a successful master's dissertation . Most postgraduate students get stuck when they are instructed to write a research proposal before they embark on writing a master's dissertation.

If you are one of those students, who is thinking about how to go about it, adjust your seat, be attentive ,and learn more from this article. We ,the Preeminent Academic Writers , write a fine piece of research proposals and Masters dissertations to thousands of postgraduate students monthly. In this article, we will take you through what you are expected to know about the research proposal. After going through the article, you are welcome to order a fine piece of work which will automatically place you in the best side of your postgraduate studies.

What should we do next? We'll absolutely go straight to the hints ;-

Tip 1; The Research Proposal Should Include a Working Title

This is the first thing I would expect any postgraduate student to think about. Your research proposal must entail a working title. This means that it must have precise wording in order to keep your dissertation properly focused.

Tip 2 ; The Research Proposal Should Have An Introduction to The Title.

Now that you have created a working title, what next? Be sure to have an introduction which briefly describes the topic, the aim of the research, the objectives of the research ,and the research questions which you intend to address.

When it comes to the aims, describe what you want to achieve from the research. When it comes to objective, describe the specific issues you need to address to achieve the aims. What you should remember is that the objectives are more specific than the aims. Moreover, when it comes to the research questions, describe the pieces of information you need to collect in order to obtain the research objectives.

Tip 3 ; The Research Proposal Should Have A Preliminary Literature Review

The main purpose of the preliminary literature review is to show that you have read various scholarly-based resources written by authors who are in your research field. Their articles or publications lets you earn more knowledge in your research field.

Tip 4 ; The Research Proposal Should Have A Research Methodology

You have to indicate the research methods you intend to you use. What you should remember is that this section must be detailed enough to let the instructor know that you are prepared for the research. You have to indicate why you chose the research methods and not the alternatives.

Tip 5 ; The Research Proposal Should Have A Timetable

The main purpose of the timetable is to show how you intend to work on your dissertation and when you plan to complete the work. The submission deadline for the dissertation is always fixed, and may not be subject to any change. You, therefore, need to have the timetable to show the specif date you intend to complete your work.

Let's Wrap It Up

Writing a good research proposal is very crucial ,and you need not struggle when already there is a team of experts who are ready to create a fine piece of a research proposal for you. After going through the 5 essential tips above, it's our belief that you are now aware of the features of a superb research Proposal.

Cheers, and order your superb research proposal today!

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