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How To Transfer From a Community College

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

There are several benefits of starting from a community college level then proceed on with your studies as the time goes by. Students may start from a community college due to financial matters or the grades they obtained from high school would not allow them to head to a 4-year college directly. It was once said, " all roads lead to Rome". This quote means that however approach you take , you will still reach your final destination. This applies to the community college students too. You can still achieve your dream of joining the university of your choice right from the community college.

Let us head directly to the tips right away !

01. Plan ahead

It is very important as community college student to plan ahead, and know what you want by the end of the college. Planning ahead will enable you to work hard in order to perfect your grades. Why should you perfect your credits at the community college? Any clue? Let's head to the second tip,and you will realize why it is important. Feel free to ask questions so that you can know what happens . You can contact your college counselor , the website of the colleges/ university you are interested in or their admission offices.

02. Score better credits in community college

So here we are, what you have to keep at at the back of your mind, is that for you to join as a junior student in the university, you must have scored better grades in your community college modules. This means that most of the units will be waived so that you can enter directly into junior programs. For sure, this is very important as it will save you more money and time.

03. Pick courses that are transferable to colleges and Universities

Another important clue, be sure to pick courses that will be easily transferable from the community college where you study to your college/university of choice. How would you feel when you realize that the course you have been taking all along cannot be transferred? You'll be pissed of ,right? Yeah, that happens in most occasions to students who do not pick courses that are transferable .

04. Contact the school admission to see if the school offer scholarships to transfer students

Most transfer students benefit from the scholarship programs. Do not be left behind. Be sure to contact the institution to see if they can accord you any financial assistance to further your studies.

Good luck in your academic endeavors. If you like this post, comment in the section below so that we can know. You can also tell us something about your transfer plans. Cheers!

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