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How To Write An Excellent Essay : From choosing the best essay topic to writing a grade A essay

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Writing an excellent college essay is the surest way of earning top grade in the semester. Below is a step by step guide on how to write a top notch college essay that will earn you the best grade.

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1. Choose the Essay Topic

Before you start writing, you should have a clear topic that you understands well. One of the biggest mistakes that students often do is to start writing an essay before settling on one topic to write. It is like starting a roadtrip without having well-defined destination.

Teachers often give students essay topics to write their essays about. So, anytime you find yourself stuck with an essay topic, the first thing to do is to ask your teacher if you are in the right track.

2. Do research

Now that you have a well-defined essay topic. You are expected to dig deeper to find out what scholars say of your topic. For example, let us say we chose a topic on how to become a good college student.

Our next step is to research on what scholars tell us about the topic. Where do we get them? Your school has an online library where you will get a tone of peer reviewed articles, books, and all other relevant educational materials touching on your essay topic.

Note: Wikipedia is NOT a schoalrly source, so , do not simply google your essay topic and use the information gotten from the Wikipedia in the name of writing an essay.

You must stick to the above named academic sources to use for your essay which are books, peer reviewed articles, lecturer notes, and information from relevant educational sites (.edus).

If you have any problem in getting a source, your librarian is always on standby to help you locate the best academic sources to write a top notch essay.

3. Set a time frame for your essay.

Now that we have known how to choose a college essay topic, and also looked at how to choose the best scholarly sources for our essay, the next thing that you need to know is setting a time frame for your college essay.

Look at the due date provided for your paper, and start early. It is a common trend for college students to wait till the night before their essays are due is when they rush. No, this is not the best way to go about it. Plan on when you want to sit down for the college essay, and when you will complete it.

Giving yourself enough time to write your essay is a good way of preparing yourself mentally and avoiding any kind of pressure. So, again, plan early and give yourself enough duration to complete the essay before the deadline.

4. Write an outline for your essay.

Write an outline for your essay. This can be diagramatical representation of the structure of your essay or a simple bullet point list showing the ideas that you will include in your essay starting from the chosen topic to the conclusion part.

An outline is like a rough work, so use this chance to jot down everything you want to write about in your essay. College students who have well defined essay outlines often have the best final essays because they had already planned on how they wanted their essay to be.

5. Choose the strongest thesis statement for your essay.

College essays must have a strong thesis statement from which all other parts of your essay originates. Think of the thesis statement as an engine for your essay.

A thesis statement should be a sentense telling us the readers about your argument or position or view regarding an essay.

Thesis statements for college essays are often placed at the last sentense of the introduction paragraph. A student who writes a college essay, must therefore, choose a strong thesis statement.

Let us write a sample of thesis statement based on the topic we had chosen above, which was on how to become a good student.

Our thesis statement would read: To become a good student, learner should follow teacher's instructions, obey the deadlines given for their assignments, associate well with their fellow students, and take part in college learning programs.

In the above thesis statement, we have given our position on what we think a learner should do to become a good student. You will notice that it is a debatable thesis statement. So, our thesis statement would serve us right for the argumentative topic ; how to become a good student.

6. Start your writing

We now have everything we would require to write the best college essay. The next step now is to start writing. Start by an essay introduction where your last sentense would be the thesis statement.

From the introduction section, we head to the body section. This section refers to the body paragraphs of your essay. It is important to note that in every paragraph, you are required to have a topic idea that corresponds to the thesis statement.

For example, based on our thesis statement sample, an opening sentense for our first paragraph would be something like this: Learner should follow teacher's instructions for him or her to be considered a good student.

Your next paragrah sections would ,thereofre, expound on this furthure using appropriate infromation gotten from your scholarly sources combined with information from your mind.

Repeat the same trend for all your body paragraphs until you complete all your points . Be sure to check the recommended essay length based on your earlier written college essay outline.

The last section on your college essay would be a conclusion section. A conclusion section is a vital section of a college essay. In this section, a student would summarize the information entailed in the body section of the college essay without introducing a new topic or idea. Think of it as a way to wrap it up, and let us the readers of your essay recap on what you have spoken.

In your first sentense of the conclusion section, do not forget to restate your thesis statement without necessarily having to use the exact words used before.

Hurray! You are done with your college essay. Proofread the written work before submitting your college essay to your professor.

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