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Interview Questions For College Admission

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

We had shown you how to create an eye-catching admission essay. The central pending question is, what next? Well, your admission essay has opened doors to your college of choice. You will be asked some questions on your arrival day. We will take you through some of them, and how to anwer them wisely.

As usual, let's go straight to the questions and how to answer them ;

01. Why do you think this college suits you?

Tell the interviewer more about your passion to study in this college, and how you think it will give you the opportunity to gain the relevant skills. Keep off from answers such as I want to get an excellent job or to earn more money. It's not about the material gains.

02. What are your plans after graduation?

This is one of the standard questions you might face on your first day of college. How do you answer it? Simple; tell the interviewer about your career goal. It is common to find that most high school students do not know what they want to do after graduation. When you join college, please have some career positions you aim at.

03. Who is your role model?

Most students sweat when it comes to this question. But, it is one of the most straightforward questions so far. The interviewer wants to know the character traits you adore most. It is not the right time to tell the interviewer about the celebrity you adore most. No, just talk about your neighbor, parent or pastor.

04. Tell me about your talents.

Talks about what you do best, and please take a few seconds to say how you can further the talents while studying in the college. You do not have to make a long response. Just be precise on what you do well, and let the interviewer take you through the next question.

05. What is your biggest weakness?

Think of a scenario when you meet a person you've never set your eyes on before, and he/she asks you what your biggest weakness is. It sounds scary, right? I know, but you have to answer the question nicely. There are other things you would not like to share with an interviewer. For instance, it would not be nice at this stage to talk about your procrastination weakness. Remember, college entails numerous assignments and if you tell the interview that you are a big procrastinator, guess what? He/she might not have full confidence in you. You know yourself better, try to tell the interviewer about skills you have improved on .

06. What is a success to you?

You should be keen when answering this question. Your questions should not touch materialistic things. State that success to you is the ability to contribute to the world. It doesn't have to be all about money of luxury.

We hope that you found these six significant questions and answers useful. If you have anything to add, please leave us a comment in the comment section below. We are also eager to know how helpful the questions & answers were to you. Good luck!

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