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NU333M1: Comprehensive Holistic Assessment and History


This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s): NU333-M1: Analyze the various elements of a comprehensive holistic health assessment and history. Health History Assessment This Shadow Health Assessment requires you to collect health history data from the patient, Tina Jones. You will interview, educate, empathize, and participate in a care plan activity. You will document the history data in proper format as described in Chapter 4 of your text. Be sure to include each of the categories of information, in your documentation, as described in Chapter 4 of your text.

  • Biographic Data

  • Source of History

  • Reason for Seeking Care/Chief Complaint

  • History of Present Illness

  • Past Health

  • Family History

  • Review of Systems

  • Functional Assessment (Including Activities of Daily Living)

  • Perception of Health

Assessment should:

  • clearly establish and maintain the viewpoint and purpose of the Assessment;

  • follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);

  • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;

  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and

  • if you use citations use APA 6th edition format as outlined in the APA Progression Ladder.

Click the link to access a document to help you with the documentation sections in Shadow Health. 1. Progress notes are an important part of our patient documentation record and should be completed with each Shadow Health Assessment. There is a section in the EHR (Electronic Health Record) where you can chart this progress note. 2. To begin this Assignment, open Shadow Health from the Course Resources, select your Shadow Health course and select Health History.You are welcome to attempt this Assessment as many times as you wish. Be sure to review the feedback you receive from Shadow Health at the end of each attempt, which can help you to improve. You will be able to re-open your completed attempt so you can improve your score by asking more questions and performing additional assessments. You do not have to start a second attempt from scratch. Making Corrections to Your Assignment

  1. You will be able to reopen your completed attempts to make corrections and improve your score.

  2. You DO NOT have to start these assignments from scratch

  3. You can reopen these assignments to make corrections from the Assignment Overview or Assignment Results page by following these steps -

  4. Make sure to "Turn In" your assessment by the end of the unit by following these steps -

If you have any technical issues during the assignment please contact the Shadow Health Support Team - 3. When you are ready to submit your Assessment, click on the Dropbox link then click on Add Attachments. Then click on Upload and attach a Word Document with your note of completion to notify your professor that the Assessment has been completed. Your note of completion should include Dear Prof. XXX I have completed the Assessment and marked it for grading in Shadow Health. Thank you. Make sure to use the naming criteria when saving your document. Email your instructor after you have submitted your Assessment to the Dropbox. Minimum Submission Requirements

  • Mark your attempt you want graded.

  • Submit your note of completion to the Dropbox

  • Email your instructor after you have submitted your Assessment to the Dropbox. Include the module you have completed.

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