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What should postgraduates know about public speaking?

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Well, today we want to talk about public speaking, and if at all it is really valuable to you as a postgraduate.

I know, you must have attended a conference, or any public event. Let me now bring it closer to you, you have attended a public lecture or a rally/campaign.

Do you think it is essential for a postgraduate to possess public speaking skills? That's exactly what I want us to discuss today.

I want us to go further and know whether public speaking is really important to the postgraduates.

Let me tell you this, the moment you step out of the Masters' or PhD class, whatever graduate level course you were doing, you must also equip yourself with proper public speaking skills.

For the postgraduates, you are entering the real world and each one of you is ready to fill the career positions.

When is the last time you stood in front of hundreds if not thousands of people to give a public lecture or speech about a specific issue?

Was it during the presentations in schools or maybe PhD defense sessions? How did it feel anyway?

Public speaking requires practice and it also involves making steps further in order to become more fluent, courageous, audible and more willing to interact.

In this article, I will share with you some of the best ways in which you can prepare yourself to become a good public speaker.


How to become a good postgraduate public speaker?

Plan ahead, and please, let it be appropriate planning

First things first, work on your time management & appropriate planning. Stay organized all the time.

Why is this even important? Because once you learn how to schedule your programs ahead of time, you will never be into any hurry, something which disturbs majority of individuals.

More organized individuals tend to be courageous and bold. These are the key features that an excellent public speaker must possess.

Memorize concepts not content

We are at it again; you should memorize the concepts you want to pass across not the content. Why do I suggest so? The moment you know what to deliver, you will not waste the audience' precious time going after each and every full stop and commas in a slide.

Memorization of concepts lets you become composed, and ready to answer any questions should there be any within the public speaking.

Practice in front of a mirror & record yourself

Another hint you are getting from Preeminent Community is that practicing in front of a mirror is key.

A public speaker must know how to use good visual and oral presentations. How does your mouth move, what expression does your face give? Go straight in front of a mirror back at home and start practicing.

The next benefit of practicing in front of a mirror? It helps you control your nerves and fears. You will practice a lot on how to take it easy, control your voice, and speak audibly.

Why should you record yourself? To track the performance. How do you know if you have improved on your presentation?

By tracking all the actions you've been doing since day one. You can as well tell your friend or workmate to observe the progress. You will be impressed with the responses you get.

Public speaking is really key to all the postgraduates out there. If you have been looking for the various ways to boost your speaking skills, this article serves you right.

An expert in any field must be in a position to pass across the ideas in a fluent manner which can be easily understood.

Remember, the audience are in need of the knowledge you have, it is now upon you to become a good public speaker.


Now that you have learnt the essential ways to perfect your public speaking skills, what are you waiting for?

Apply them as from today and become the perfect postgraduate public speaker you've been longing for.

Was this article helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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