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What should you ask when picking a PhD?

Now that you have completed your master's studies and you were lucky to pass with flying colors, you must be thinking of joining a university of your choice to pursue Ph.D. I will predict it right that you are still thinking of what to expect in the Ph.D. world. I bring this topic today because I know there are millions of students out there who do not know what the Ph.D. checklist should look like.

relative merits of different universities. But, exactly how do you do that? Relax, that's why I am here for you today. Adjust your sitting position, take out your notebook, and pen down these incredibly important things to look out for when picking your Ph.D. university, I want to tell you that it is worth weighing the relative merits of different universities. But, exactly how do you do that? Relax, that's why I am here for you today. Adjust your sitting position, take out your notebook, and pen down these incredibly important things to look ut for when picking your Ph.D.


Is it a responsible recruitment? What do I mean by this? You should check if your university of choice recruits students responsibly. How do you know this? By simply checking at the recruitment rates, the number of Ph.D. applications for the last 10 or 15 years, and the acceptance rate. How would you forget to check the professors (supervisors) to Ph.D. students' ratio? You have to do that in order to know whether there are adequate supervisors at that institution. Also, check that completion rates. How many students graduate within 3 to 4 years of full study?


Now that are together up to that point, how are you going to fund the Ph.D. studies? Does the university offer subsistence funding to the continuing students? Is there any way you will get grants? Do your math, and ask the university's fees structure. This is essential because it will put you on the right path to finance re-evaluation and know the various funding sources you will consider. Try looking for the scholarship programs offered by the universities of your choice. This way, you will be in the best position within your Ph.D. studies.

Just within the funding topic, I will raise two more issues, which include the project funding and conference funding. You must confirm whether these two kinds of funding are available. Are the funds also payed to the organizers? Is there certainty and reliability of conference funds. How are conferences scheduled? After how long can you get paid for appearing at the conferences?

Hello? Are you still holding your pen? how about the notebook? Meaning you are still there? Wow! Let's go to the third point then :) You must be badly in need of these tips. Third tip loading baby :)


Having a quiet, clean and serene learning space is paramount if you want to succeed in your Ph.D. studies. You are going to ask the university about the arrangements of learning space. Is it an open office landscape or what is their arrangement? Also, is there any possibility of changing the arrangement in the near future? Ask these questions.

But wait, what if you are pursuing your Ph.D. online? How are you going to ensure that you have an appropriate workspace? It is very easy! Prepare your reading corner, and decorate it depending on your needs. We all know that everyone has his/her office arrangement. You are going to purchase ( if you do not have it right now) a soft and comfortable chair plus a studying desk which matches your liking and finances too.

Equality, diversity, and Inclusiveness

We are in the #Metoo era, am pretty sure that you must be aware of equality issues surrounding the universities. Let me break it down. What is the stand of the university of your choice towards inclusiveness, gender equality, and population diversity? Check at the population statistics yourself. What is the percentage of Ph.D. students who are of different racial origins? How about checking them in terms of gender? Does the university provide equal opportunities for both men and women? And, if that's the case, what are their missions and visions as far as equality, diversity and inclusiveness are concerned within the university?

Any internal opportunities for Ph.D. students?

I am bringing the next crucial point here. You must check whether the university provides the Ph.D. students with internal opportunities. Speaking of internal opportunities, I am simply referring to teaching and research opportunities. Can you get part-time teaching vacancies upon completion of your studies? How about involvements in research processes within the university? Will your department include you in the research team after the the thesis submission? Just confirm these essential issues in order to know which university is right for you.

Restrictions on Paid Work

I am bringing this point right after the internal opportunities with a clear reason. There are some universities that restrict the Ph.D. students from accessing some paid works within the university. I want to make it clear, being a funded student doesn't mean that you should be pressured to into underpaid or to many extent unpaid works within the university. So, that is the main reason why you must check whether the university pays for the internal opportunities -research and teaching opportunity - it presents to the Ph.D. students.

How does the future look like?

You are going to check the number of Ph.D. graduates who have secured job opportunities within their five years after the studies in that university. This will give you a clear picture of what the first destination after pursing Ph.D. in that university looks like. The best simple way to do that? Here it is; check at the alumni of that university and know what they are doing after the Ph.D. studies.

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