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Photo courtesy/ Prof. Jessica, Senior Professor, Preeminent Team.


At Preeminent company, we take your studies seriously, and we promise you one word: Success. 

We do not spend millions of dollars on advertisements. No! Instead, millions of students get to know us via word of mouth because our experience level speaks for itself. Our professors are experienced adults with over 30 years expertise in academia.  

You are not just interacting with our website when you ask for a written assignment helo at Preeminent Company. No! Instead, you are investing in your education by getting it right the first time and boosting your grades. 

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What kind of papers do we write?

The Preeminent Academic writers help students with nearly all types of writing assignments. Whether you need help with writing essays, research paper, thesis, dissertation, proposal, you name it, we are the best team to trust with your assignments. 


Do not take our word for it; Preeminent Company writes thousands of papers a month. You must be asking how that is possible? Well, the answer lies on our experience plus we have built high levels of trusts with our clients for the past 25 years that we have been in the writing industry.

  • What qualifications do Preeminent Academic Writers have?
    As of 18th February 2023, all Preeminent Academic Writers have master's and Ph.D. qualifications in their respective fields. The essay writing company only hires the best and most experienced professionals to help with writing students academic papers. The recruitments of essay writers take a vigorous approach, and very few applicants are often lucky to find a chance to work with us. ​ We believe that students require top-notch essay help and this can only happen if we have the most experienced writers who know what is required of them. ​ Additionally, the Preeminent Academic Writers comprise of current and past educators in most prestigious Ivey League universities in the United States. These scholars help students with crafting original academic papers for their reference purposes.
  • Do you promise grade A on your papers?
    95% of students who utilize our services score grade As. It is important to note that professors often have their way of grading and this may affect your overall score on a paper. Regardless, assignments written by Preeminent Team are top notch and fetch top grades for students who utilize our services.
  • Do you offer discounts if I bring along my friend?
    Many students love our discount offers and this is the reason why you should always take the discount advantages when you receive the offer notifications in your email. ​ The main reason for the discount offers is to help students order papers from us at cheaper prices. Also, if you refer a friend for essay writing help, our company will offer you a discount up to 20% for your next order with us.
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