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5 Effective Ways to Spend Your Summer As A student

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

It is summer time, and  you've been given  four months to be out of school. Do you have any essential way to spend it? The graduates who are in a full-time job currently do not have the four months break. These are best things you can use your extended summer for:

01. Learn A New Skill.

It is the best time to join a driving school, learn how to play that guitar, piano or even learn a new language. Learning a new skill as a student is very important because it makes you be an all-rounded individual. Apart from the book work in school, it is significant to learn these skills, and you can use this time to ask the instructor lots of questions to be in full understanding. Ask your friend to join you in the learning process so that you all spend the summer. 


Did I just say it?Yes, working during the summer holidays is a good decision. You can raise enough cash to buy that new cloth, phone or even enough money for survival  when you are back in school. Students who work during summer holidays gain a lot of knowledge and exposure.

Instead of sleeping in your room up to 11 AM in the morning, ask for a job opportunity in that hotel, bar, or coffee shop near you. Do that job with lots of people, and you will see the benefit of it. Love your job and report early every day to show everyone that you are a determined worker.Remember, it is not a must to search for a job that relates to what you are studying school.You can use this opportunity to land in any available job.


You can travel and see the other part of the world. The adage goes that “The world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo. You can use this opportunity to enjoy the cheap flights to Europe and see the world. Remember to carry a notebook and your camera (if you have one) to capture what fancies you like.

With sites such as Airbnb, FlipKey, HomeAway and VRBO  you can find an exciting destination and access unique homes to stay.

04.Get An Internship

Use sites such as LinkedIn, GlassdoorIndeed and to find an internship. If you have any company in mind, use the opportunity to send them an email or give them a friendly call to see if they can pick you. You might have a big company in mind, but if you approach a small company, there are high chances of securing an opportunity. Moreover, learning from a small team is significant so bear that in mind. 

05.Read your entire university syllabus.

It is normal  to find students stating, "I'll study this summer".Yes, it is important to study during the summer holiday so that when you go back to school, you are already ahead. This will help you understand what awaits you next semester and prepare for it adequately.

You can use this opportunity to complete the assignments you were given, and if you face any challenge you can contact sites such as to give you step by step solutions, verify if you did the assignment well or advise you on how to go about an assignment. 

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