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Five Tips to Succeed As An International Student

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

You should equip yourself with the following tips for a smooth study flow in the new land you've identified to further your studies. .

Studying in the USA  or any other country away from one's own home country is an exciting experience . International students learn a lot as far as different cultures, languages, and norms are concerned.

International Students find an opportunity to interact with students from other parts of the globe. Maybe you are interested in studying abroad, but you do not know the tricks of the game.

01.  Meet New People

Develop a courage of interacting with the Native students and learn from them. You are a newcomer, and you still need to know a lot as far as the new country is concerned. Remember, you are still not well-conversant with the pricing strategies of commodities in this country. If you are studying in the USA, build your confidence and English speaking skills by engaging in conversations with your peers. There are several people to interact with in college. Such individuals include professors, students, and advisers. Most native students for instance, in the USA, are more excited to meet international students. Utilize the opportunity and build a strong network.

02.  Ask Questions

As stated by Thomas Berger, "the art and science of asking questions is the source of knowledge." Ask the colleagues questions about their culture, studies and much more. Participate actively in class and ask the professors questions frequently. Most professors like students who are active in class. The moment a professor likes your way of participation and enthusiasm, that's the moment when you'll achieve your academic dreams

03.Get Out and About

It's not all about getting the degree. Utilize the opportunity to know your surrounding. Enjoy the city's environment, and feel free to take some beautiful pictures. Use the weekends and holiday periods to the maximum. Go out with your new friends and know what they love doing during such periods. You worked extremely hard in your academics to attend the international college/university. It's your time, see the country.


Once you are in the new country, know that you must balance academically, socially and by doing exercise. Time yourself properly. Schedule your study times, time to party with friends and time to do yoga. Partying is not bad if you schedule your time well. You know what brought you there and you also understand that you have to relax for you to refresh your mind.

05. Do any part-time job

If you are lucky to find any part-time job abroad, do not discriminate. Work and save. Through savings, you'll afford that new book you've been yearning for. You will also buy your lunch with your hard-earned money. Isn't that the great feeling? There are a lot of things you can do with the funds you obtain from your part-time jobs. Go for it, and learn much more in job area.

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