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Getting Involved on Campus

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

Although your primary purpose of joining campus is to learn, it is advisable for students to join various communities while on campus. The main reason for doing this is to help you as a student to expand both your social and educational experiences while on campus. Students who get involved in college make friends, know their school better, build their professional networks as they have fun too. You should not miss these important advantages of getting involved in college.

Below are five ways to get involved in college;

01. Attend Campus Events.

Various events happen in schools every academic year. Events such as career weeks, cultural events, music & theater performance

s, movie screenings, etc. are ideal help student learn different skills as they proceed with learning in colleges. Attending at least one of these events boosts students social experiences as they interact with other students. Have time to interact with the fellow students and always make sure you are open to having conversations with them.

02.Join or Start a Club

There are various student-run organizations in different colleges and universities.These clubs are interest-based; students with same interests for instance in Mathematics, music, environmental conversation or sports come together and form a club where they share ideas and acquire numerous skills. Most often, these organizations conduct trips and encourage engagement with students from other colleges and universities.It is high time for you to join one of these clubs, based on your interests and

skills, And if you don't find a club that matches your interests, you can start one and invite other students with the same interests as yours to join it.


03. Participate in Student Government

Almost all colleges and universities give students chance to form organizations that will represent them in various fields. You'll find various campaigns happening in your college/University. During such campaigns, you'll find students vying for different posts such as student's academic secretary, student's president or organizing secretary.

It is upon you to identify the seat that you are interested in and mobilize your friends to help you in campaigning towards getting the position. Participating in student government will sharpen your leadership skills, decision-making skills, and also you'll be in a position to interact with various student bodies.

04.Get a Job on Campus

Ever seen that student assisting cooks at the school kitchen or that student who regularly arrange books at the library?  Various jobs opportunities are always open for students to fill. You can work in any department in school during your free hours and earn some extra money.

Such funds can help you in buying books, paying for your tuition or paying for the meals on the campus. Always do not be choosy when it comes to any job you find in college. As you obtain money, you also interact with various people from different backgrounds. Utilize this opportunity appropriately.

05.Volunteering and Community Service

It is high time for you to volunteer and participate in campus-based volunteer organizations.  The community services such as cleaning the nearest street, educating the community on the benefits of hygiene, etc. will not only help you build a sense of pride but also create a huge impact on your resume. So it is advisable to give back to the community as you build your skills and develop your resume.

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