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How To Be Productive Researcher-Organize your Literature Effectively & Read more .

How to organize your literature effectively and read more.

Do you want to become a productive researcher? Then this article is for you! All professional researchers have one thing in common. That is, they know how to manage their research process efficiently .

But, wait, where did they get such level of composure, and proper planning techniques? It is simple; they learnt it somewhere. It is not all about learning, but practice is key. In this article, we've used a pictorial presentation to show you what it takes to be a productive researcher.

If you want to prosper in your research profession or endeavor, then you need to equip yourself with essential information shared in this article. In this article, we will not complicate it, actually, that is not my intention whenever I pen my words on a paper.

Already, everything you need to know is well presented in that image. The old adage goes," a picture speaks a thousand words".

Now, here is the secret; organizing your literature effectively, and reading more will automatically earn you that title of the productive researcher. But why should you be productive? Time is limited, a lot needs to be done, and the brain is worked out all the time.

That's the reason why you must find a way of organizing yourself in a way that you do more with the limited time available, and not over-work your brain in any way. The above framework simplifies everything you need to do as a researcher. The first step is identifying the key words. The identified keywords are used for searching the existing literature.

Searching the existing literature is followed by evaluating the search results.

A literature review is an integral component of the research process. This simply refers to identifying the previous scholarly works in order to evaluate the gaps, the information entailed in them, and what you want to do.

Research is all about building your knowledge from what is already done. You are not reinventing the wheel. All these, are presented above in a diagrammatic format for easier comprehension.

If you are conducting a research, or ready to start one, be sure to organize your work as shown in the above given diagram. Insert everything you have in the diagram. This will help you in knowing where you are,and what you need to do in order to complete the research.

Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions in the comment section below.

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