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How to Effectively Keep and Organize Your Study Notes

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Study notes are essential for students ranging from K12 level to University level. Think of a scenario when exams are around the corner, and you do not have the required notes. The other friend who could assist you also doesn't have the notes.

Do you have higher chances of passing the exams? That's the main reason why you are required to read these tips and get enough information on how to effectively keep and organise your notes to prevent inconveniences at the last minutes.

01.Use Note-Binder

It seems to be a familiar concept,  right?No, it is not such simple idea. Most students do not keep their notes in one place, and this typically cost them big when it comes to the overall grade. It is common to find students texting and calling one another concerning Study Notes.

The first rule is to use a note binder and keep your notes in one place to prevent inconveniences when it comes to the exam period.

02. Notes Should Be Neat.

Neat notes are easy to read and master. You can do this by using files to ensure that your notes are clean and are not scattered all over. Students

who keep neat notes have higher chances of getting quality grades compared to their colleagues who don't care to maintain their notes clean. Files will keep your notes intact without losing even a page.

03.Use Dividers to separate Notes within  the binder

Notes that are separated by the use of dividers are easy to read and master because they are categorized based on the subjects. Make sure to classify the notes based on the topics so that you will have much easier time to identify them when you want them.

04.Date  Your Notes

Students who date their notes normally find it easy to retrieve the notes and read them.You might be informed in class that your exams cover specific notes from date X to date Y. Think of a situation when you did not date your notes, and you cannot identify the specific parts that will be set. Just date them, and you will have peace of mind.

05.Discard Notes that are not useful to you.

You have an option of selling these notes to those who are in need of them. As a student, you can raise good sums of money by selling the notes that you have used.  Discarding these notes will give you an easy time to handle the remaining notes and to plan on how and when to read them.

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