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How to Improve Your Memory

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

Having a sharp memory is everyone's desire. As a student, what are the tips which help you to improve your mind and maintain its sharpness? This post provides five crucial tips that students can use to improve their memory. As a student you are required to remember the deadlines in college, units taught this semester, and much more. For you to do all that, you should have a good memory.  Let's dive in straight to the tips :)

1. Read, Read and Read

Reading helps in expanding mind and improves the thinking ability of a student, you can read novels, short stories, books of your choice and even the books given in class

2. Eat properly

Having a balanced diet is the crucial second tip. Try including fruits such as bananas, and much more in your diet. They help in boosting the memory.

3.Listen to the audio

There are some interesting topics that you can listen to over the audio. Listening to more audios will expand your memory and boost it. 

4.Write it down

Develop a habit of writing essential concepts down on paper. You will have a good time in remembering ideas. We are all fond of forgetting other things, but if you write it down, it will always stick in your mind.

5. Test yourself

Have some time to test your skills in different ways. You can check your listening skills and think ability. In most campuses, the topic; critical thinking is taught. Take that opportunity and gain more from class. 

 Use these tips to improve your memory.You can also share other tips you always use via the comments section below. Success!

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