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How To Make Friends in College

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

The college consists of students from different countries, states or cities. You just came from home ,and you meet people you've never seen before. How do you have friends in the first place? It is essential to make friends when you are in college. Have you ever heard of companies that were formed by students who were in college? Alright, we all agree that something great results from friendship and collaboration.

Straight to the tips ;

01. Introduce yourself to whoever sits next by your side.

You never know who your best friend would be. Just say , " Hello, am so and so ,pleasure meeting you at this hour, what is your major or name? " Just as simple as that. It doesn't have to be a complicated introduction.

02. Have your meals together with other students.

You should not hide in your dorm-room. Be friendly and sit where your colleagues are. You'll find several students who want to make new friends.

03. Attend the campus events.

The college comprises a number of events. It may be a cultural week or any other educational activity. Join the crowd who are at these events ,and be open to talk and share ideas. You'll be surprised how may friends you'll get.

04. It all starts with the dorm.

The chances are that you'll share a room with your colleague in college. He/she may be your first friend on the campus. But you have to be keen. Not everyone is going to be your friends in college. As you stay with him/her, note her characters ,and if you are convinced that you can all move along, then that's great for all of you!

05. Join Club

Clubs are one of the best venues to meet friends. Remember, these clubs are attended by people of same interests. It may be game clubs, music clubs, or any club. The fact remains that all those students who visit the clubs have the same interests. This is very important because for you to be a friend with someone, you must share most interests.

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