How to Pick a Masters Thesis Topic

Beginning graduate school is overwhelming. Graduate programs are not simply continuations of undergraduate degrees, they involve learning of new ideas and preparing your career trajectory.

The undergraduate programs combine several fields at once. It is at this level where you exposed to many unrelated but important fields during your studies. As you make a step further and enters masters level, you are expected to specify on what you want to do.

Your master’s degree and the thesis are key weapons that will help you in your entire career field. You, therefore, need to choose a suitable master’s thesis. To be clear, there is no such thing as a bad thesis topic.

The main question to ask yourself is, does the thesis topic prepares you well for a career trajectory rather than setting yourself to various jobs which are unrelated to you?

When choosing a suitable thesis topic, you need to follow these 5 rules. With these, you'll be in the best sides of academic history.

1. You must like the topic.

Free advice to you, if you want to choose a topic, do yourself a favor and pick something you like. Without this, you will not benefit from it. Majority of students who exit the