Postgraduate Degree or Workforce?

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Most fresh graduates find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to either choosing to continue with their studies or work. I am sure this kind of thought has crossed your mind. It is not you alone. Most students face this challenge. Last week, a student dropped us an email inquiring if we could take her through this process.

She wanted to know if she can proceed with her studies or if she can polish her resume and start the job search. So this article serves as a direct answer to this student-who is an apparently active reader of our daily posts, thanks to her - and you who is new here and is looking for the way forward.

We will start right away;

So, we will advise considering the following as you tackle this dilemma situation :

01. Will the Postgraduate degree make you better qualified afterwards?

Yes, in most cases, the postgraduate students have upper hand to be recruited at work. The longer you study, the more qualified you become. So, the best answer for you is, if you want to add more qualifications on your career line, then the postgraduate degree is right for you.

02. Can you afford the postgraduate degree now?

The fact is that most students become interested in pursuing the master's degree right from college though, they do not consider their financial positions. If the parent throughout your undergraduate studies had supported you, it is better to consult them to know their financial capabilities. To the student who was doing part-time jobs during the undergraduate studies, and saved enough money to join the postgraduate degree, it is okay! You can enroll for it without looking backwards.

03. What is your schedule?

Well, during your undergraduate degree you might be working part-time, and you completed your studies well. Now, you want to join the postgraduate degree. Do you have the schedule in mind? Are you planning to do it online or to attend a physical class? Well, you should take it easy, because we, at Preeminent Academic Writers, help postgraduate students throughout their studies. We write a thesis, and all the academic papers you need. So, you can always have more time to attend to your daily errands, as we craft for you grade A papers. What a lucky reader you are!

04. Can you proceed with your postgraduate degree as you work at the same time?

This is the final thing you have to consider then thank us latter. Nowadays, postgraduate degrees are attained depending on an individual's arrangements. We have two things that we want you to know. One, you can choose postgraduate degree program from a reputable institution, and schedule your time of the study. This means that as you work, you have your study time. It might be evening/ night hours after work. It's all about tuning your mind and achieving your goals. Second, you can attend the classes physically, and work at the same time. For the tips on how to stay motivated while studying, read here.

With these four main tips, we are more confident that you will make the right decision. Let us know in the comment section below if you found these tips useful.Feel free to tell us something about your studies and work. You can as well subscribe to our email list for essential daily tips. Cheers!

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