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The Benefits of Living Off Campus During College

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

Whether you are joining the college for the first time or you are a senior student returning to school after the summer period, making decisions on how and where to live in college is paramount.

There are numerous advantages of staying off campus during your study period. The following are five essential reasons why you need to  live off campus:

01. Food

There is a high possibility of sharing a room when you live on campus. This means that you'll have to wait for your roommate to complete cooking is when you prepare your meal. It might lead to lots of inconveniences when you have morning lectures, and you want to make your breakfast.

Some lecturers will not allow you to enter in lecture halls when the lessons have started.It, therefore, means that you will miss the lectures because you waited for so long to prepare your breakfast.

02. Adult life experiences

The moment you step into college, you are expected to think like an adult and know what real life entails. By living off campus, you will be responsible for paying your monthly rental bills, electricity bills and not to forget the water bills.

You will have to cook for yourself, clean the house, wash your clothes and attend the group discussions at the same time. It seems to be a lot of work, right?I know, but you should not think of it as tremendous work. Remember, all these work prepare you to be time conscious and be a responsible person at a younger age.

College is a matter of time, and you will complete your studies soon, and this is when you will realize that you are fit to stay because you had been training yourself how to be an adult.

03. Alone time

With all the homework, tests and exams ahead, you need a conducive space where you can study and feel free. When you live off campus, you will have the room for studying and doing whatever task you want at any time.

This is not to say that you cannot study when you live on campus, the point is you want full control of your space. It will reach a point in college when you want a peaceful place without any form of noise or any congested area. If you stay in your room, you will be in control of your music system, study time and much more.

04.Learning from the working class

When you stay off campus, most of your neighbors will be working in different companies or personal businesses, so you will always see them waking up early in the morning for their jobs. Through this, you will learn the importance of time management and how to plan for your job and class at the same time.

Finding college students doing part-time time jobs is common. I encourage you to search for any part-time job you can find around to keep you busy as you study. Part-time jobs can help you raise money to pay your monthly bills, can help you buy that new shirt or cloth you always want to buy.

You will also expand your mind and obtain necessary skills as you continue with your studies. You will also buy that good furniture and arrange your room the way you want it to be.

05. Freedom

It is evident that by living off campus, you have the freedom to do whatever you want in your room. It is your own business.Unlike the college rooms where supervisors will always be at your back, living off campus gives you freedom of your own.

If you want to sleep at 9 pm, it is your business unlike in campus when you will have to wait for that roommate who frequently returns to the room at 1 am.

You'll watch that movie without interruption and follow any channel without interruption. You can always program your schedules the way you want, attend the lectures and complete all your tasks as scheduled.

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