Tips on Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

It is a new year, and we all want to make a difference in ourselves ,in one way or the other. It is really important for an individual to improve from one level to the next. It may be about finances, reducing your weight ,obtaining higher grades in exams or polishing your resume. But wait a second? Are we doing it right? Do we create the new year resolutions with the sober mind of getting what we want at the end of the year?

I thought about this too, and I realized that it was good enough to share with you some tips on how I normally create new year resolutions ,and how I keep them too. If I am not wrong, you have been making a number of new year resolutions, but you don't see them working out at the end of the year. I know ,it is disappointing.

Here are some of the tips that I use and work well for me. I am talking out of the experience ,and that's the main reason for me being here to help you get out of the mess.

Below are some of the secret tips I have been using to make the new year resolutions that work. It is high time to achieve your goals , and live a life you deserve.

01.Have one solid resolution

So you thought that by having numerous resolution, they would work out? A big NO for you. I tried it, and it didn't work ,and I am not seeing it working soon for anyone. Be focused on one resolution. What is the big thing that you want to improve on this year? Not two,three or ten? No!

What is that one precise thing you want to improve on? I can remember well some years back when I could create several vague resolutions hoping that they would work out. No ,they didn't. I mastered the art of being precise on one big resolution.

Let us talk of one who wants to improve his savings. You will find most people saying "I want to increase my savings this year, and that is my new year resolution." Well, I would say that that's a vague resolution, why? It is not specific. Instead, tell yourself this " I am going to increase my savings from a certain amount to the next amount, i.e., $ 2000- 10,000.

That's what I call one solid resolution.

02.  Have a Plan

Now that you have identified one solid resolution, so what? How are you going to achieve this resolution? Planning is the best way to go. Please write it down. That's the first step of having a solid plan. I realized that the power of the pen is much greater.

Write it down nicely, and ask yourself, " What am I going to do so that I can achieve this goal. Is it by cutting down my daily expenses so that I can reach that savings target? Is it by allocating 30 minutes of my time daily to do some practice so that I can achieve a reduction of weight from 80 kg to 65 /70 kg?" That is what I call planning.

03. Pick a start date and go for it

Do not waste even a second of your time. Time waits for no man. The moment you are done with your plan, think of the date you want to start. I am against procrastination; I do not give it time to spoil my well -arranged plans. If I make a plan today, that's the day I start it.

It works magic. As a person going through these tips, follow my footsteps, and you will see great improvements. If it is today, let it be so ,not tomorrow morning. This will instill discipline in you, and you will always rise ,and grind. Let's head to the next tip.

04. Anticipate the problems you might face.

Make a list of the anticipated problems ,and think of how you can go about them. This will clear your mind, and set you at a good pace of working towards your resolutions. It is important to do this!

05. Have a reminder

We are human ,and we do a lot daily. Let all these activities not distract you from your resolution. Have some sticker somewhere accessible and open that will remind you about the resolution. I do it, and it works wonders. You can also share it with your friends or post it on your social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

This will really make you work hard to avoid the humiliations of not achieving it form your friends. This is the driving force that I use to help me work through each and every resolution.

06. Reward yourself.

This is the last tip on this topic that I am sharing with you today. Reward yourself for the progress you are making in the course of your journey to achieving your new year resolutions.But how exactly do you reward yourself? I am using myself as a good example. I frequently track my progress ,say weekly and monthly.

The main reason is that I want to know how far I have reached with my resolution. If you were saving, how much have you saved in the last weeks or month? Treat yourself to anything that makes you refreshed. It is up to you ,we all have different things that make us happy.

You can then reward yourself at the end of the year when your dream has come true. You deserved it because you worked hard for it,so is it bad to celebrate your big achievement at the end of the year? No, it is absolutely right!

Now that you have these secrets, what are you waiting for? Apply them as from today and live the life you deserve. If you want more great stuff like this, subscribe to our email list, and you will never miss an update .


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