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Tips to help You in reducing exams anxiety

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

It is common to find yourself stressed or disturbed when the exams are around the corner in college. If you are one of those students, who  struggle with anxieties when the exam approaches then this post will be of great importance to you. Below are the six most important ways of fighting exams anxiety and performing well in college.

01. Be prepared and stay organized

Fear may cause the exam anxiety due to inappropriate preparation. Read your notes, pass over the past examinations and appropriately organize your college stuff. This will instill confidence in you and make you ready to do exams anytime.

02.Take a moment to breathe and gather your thoughts

You might call it meditation. All you need is a quiet room where you can have a peaceful mind for roughly half an hour. 

03. Avoid unnecessary pressure and set realistic goals

Being unrealistic to yourself may drive you to haste and discomfort. Set a target you can work for and stick to that. Do not pressurize yourself too much. Aim higher in your studies, and follow your path. Do not try to copy paste another student's  study appro

ach. Be yourself and work towards your success.

04. Develop a positive mindset and go to the exam room with it.

This is what we call optimism. Be optimistic that all will be well, and that you are going to rock that exam.

05. Do not calculate a passing mark

This will pressurize you for no reason. Stick to your target and aim higher. Do not be distracted by other issues. 

06. Do not think about the previous exams that probably you did not perform well in

Focus on the upcoming exams and be motivated . It's all about mindset.

Use these six tips to overcome that exam anxiety and be prepared to achieve good grades. The exams will only cover what you've been taught, do not tense. Cheers!

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